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Supporting LGBTQ Asian and Pacific Islander Students

An image featuring LGBTQ Asian and Pacific Islander people with the text "Celebrate Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month!"

A student wrapped in a rainbow flag


Students thrive when they see themselves reflected in their curriculum. For Asian LGBTQ students, this means learning about and honoring history, people, and events related to their intersectional identity as both Asian/Pacific Islander and LGBTQ.

Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month is in May, but the inclusion of Asian and Pacific Island LGBTQ identities in school should happen all year round.

GSAs and educators can include Asian LGBTQ identities in school using our icons resource. In addition you can follow GLSEN National Student Council Members on GLSEN's instagram (@glsenofficial) throughout the month as they share queer Asian and Pacific Islander icons that should be taught in an inclusive school curriculum!

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