Break the Silence: Your Vote, Your Voice

GLSEN's Voter Registration Campaign

Break the Silence: Your Vote, Your Voice!

Together, we can Break the Silence and support LGBTQ students – by raising our voices at the ballot box!

Your vote can help create the world you want to live in. Your vote can turn back the tide of hate against LGBTQ+ people. You are part of the most politically active youth demographic in the country – 90% of LGBTQ+ youth (and even more GSA members!) have taken action in the last year.

This will be one of the most important elections in history – and it’s time to turn that energy into votes! That's why GLSEN is launching “Break the Silence: Your Vote, Your Voice” to make sure every LGBTQ+ young person who can vote, does vote! It's a national voter registration campaign encouraging students to get registered and make a difference in local, state, and federal elections to protect and include LGBTQ+ students.

As a young activist in your school community and with GLSEN, you have already broken the silence in the largest online gathering of LGBTQ+ youth; now is your time to fight back against those who want to erase us. We will never tell you who to vote for, but we will always tell you why your voice matters.

Chris S.

Registering to vote is extremely important because it is the best way to ensure your voice is being heard! Now more than ever we need to be using our voices to help make positive change especially with regard to LGBTQ+ policy. Our voices have power, and we can use them to ensure all LGBTQ+ people have equal protections under the law. – Chris S., NY

Jessica Testimonial

Imagine if every LGBTQ young person registered to vote and took action to protect LGBTQ students? That's how we'll break the silence and build the future we need and deserve. – Jess, CA