State Snapshots

State-By-State Research

2017 State Snapshots from the National School Climate Survey

State Snapshots use data from GLSEN's 2017 National School Climate Survey to examine the school experiences of LGBTQ middle and high school students, including hearing biased language, experiences of victimization, incidents of anti-LGBTQ discrimination, and access to resources and supports at school.

Snapshots are available for 41 states and Puerto Rico, each linked at the bottom of this page. This state-specific data allows advocates, educators, administrators, and policymakers, among others, to evaluate school climate in their individual state, and to advocate for safer and more inclusive school environments for LGBTQ students across the nation, including LGBTQ-supportive school policies, LGBTQ-inclusive curriculum, and more.

State Snapshots feature state-level data drawn from GLSEN’s biennial National School Climate Survey. Begun in 1999, the survey is the only survey of its kind, documenting the experiences of LGBTQ youth in schools, including the extent of the challenges that they face and their access to the school-based resources that support their educational success and well-being. To access national-level infographics, an executive summary, and the GLSEN 2017 National School Climate Survey report visit