LGBTQ+ Resources for Supportive Administrators


LGBTQ+ Resources for Supportive Administrators



“Supporting our LGBTQ+ population is important on many fronts. First, we want to provide all students with a safe and affirming school environment to learn and succeed. Second, we want all kids to graduate and be successful in their post-high school lives.

Some of our LGBTQ students face some of the most challenging obstacles to graduate, so it’s imperative for them to have academic success they need to be in school, so a safe and supportive environment specific to their needs is critical.”

Imran Abbasi
High School Principal

School and district leaders have a significant opportunity—and responsibility—to create learning environments in which all students can thrive and achieve their full educational potential.

Use these resources to create a safe and supportive learning environment for all of your students:


Four Supports:

The GLSEN Research Institute has identified four major supports that schools can use to cultivate a safer and more LGBTQ+- affirming learning environment for LGBTQ+ students.

  • Comprehensive Policies
  • Supportive Educators - Including LGBTQ+ Educators
  • GSAs or LGBTQ+ Student Clubs
  • Inclusive Curriculum

When these Four Supports are in place, LGBTQ students experience less harassment and discrimination, do better in school, and experience a better school climate.

Our Four Supports Resource can help you to ensure you have an LGBTQ+ inclusive school where all students, educators, and families feel welcome.

GLSEN Days of Action:

Consider implementing school-wide days of action that clearly demonstrate your commitment to LGBTQ+ inclusion:

Solidarity Week No Name-Calling Week Day of Silence

Policy Resources


This resource includes 8 key policy recommendations to support LGBTQ+ students, and concrete examples of schools who are implementing them.

Policy Resources


GLSEN has created a toolkit of evidence-based model policies based on what’s working across the country and what our expertise shows us will make schools safer for all students, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression. Our policy toolkit is intended for application and adaptation to any community, at any scale.

Looking for more support?

GLSEN’s Chapter network is made of up incredible advocates who can help you bring the four supports to your school. Find out if you have a Chapter near you.

Professional Development not only brings additional resources and skills to your faculty and staff, but it also signals your commitment to improved school climate for all. Find out more here.


"I remain a champion of LGBTQ+ youth because far too many of their voices are silenced when their stories need to be heard. A single supportive adult can be the difference between life and death, connection and isolation, overcoming adversity and being overcome by it. These inspirational kids deserve a chance to change the world."

Amy Cannava
Nationally Certified School Psychologist