Supporting LGBTQ Latinx Students

Graphic of Latinx flags with text: "Celebrate Latinx Heritage!"

Photo of student at school desk taking notes

Students thrive when they see themselves — their entire selves — positively reflected in their curriculum. For LGBTQ Latinx students, this means learning about and honoring history, people, and events related to their intersectional identity as both Latinx and LGBTQ.

Latinx Heritage Month is September 15-October 15, but inclusion of LGBTQ Latinx identities in school should happen all year round.

GSAs and educators can include LGBTQ Latinx identities in school using our heroes resource and timeline resource. For more, GLSEN's 2017-2018 National Student Council compiled Latinx heroes who impacted them, and you can also see heroes selected by the 2016-17 National Student Council!

Beyond Curriculum

Especially in this political climate, it's important not only to affirm LGBTQ Latinx identities with positive representation but also to ensure that students know how they're protected, especially those who are among the most marginalized. This resource can help undocumented students know their rights. Here are other resources that go beyond inclusion in the curriculum.

Foto del Kit Espacio Seguro

Our flagship resource on allyship for educators, the Safe Space Kit, is available in Spanish and English.

GLSEN's Safe Space Kit (Spanish):