In schools across the nation, transgender students have been winning hard-fought battles for better treatment. But most of these youth still attend a school with no out trans teachers on staff. This year during Trans Awareness Week, we’re highlighting the strengths and needs of trans educators.
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For No Name-Calling Week 2019, we encouraged students and educators across the country to create artwork using the theme of #KindessInAction in K-12 schools, because artwork has the power to change school climates for the better.
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Love. Love. Love. Love must be the thud that drives LGBTQIA+ asylum seekers with each step forward. While my newsfeed’s coverage of the migrant caravan has largely featured reports of gross xenophobia and rhetoric, Nove…
I listened… the sound slowly crept into my ear, triggered my reaction, and confusion started to consume my mind. “What’s your name?” the teacher questioned. My heart raced as I tried to search the blankness of my memories and whispered, “My name is Sovandarid Prom.” I was ten when my family and I immigrated from Cambodia – an underprivileged country in Southeast Asia – to the United States with dreams of new life and fresh opportunities. Upon arriving, I met a society that was rooted in more racial bias than I was prepared to confront.