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Growing up, I had a very difficult time understanding what love and romance was; sometimes I still do. I was taught by the media I consumed and the people around me that the pinnacle of love is monogamous, heterosexual marriage.
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Applied theater in any space in school can help students develop empathy, practice listening, rehearse and imagine radical possibilities, and collaborate in kindness.
Transgender Members of the GLSEN National Student Council
GLSEN Youth Programs Manager a.t. Furuya and members of the National Student Council gathered to have difficult conversations about Transgender Day of Remembrance
In schools across the nation, transgender students have been winning hard-fought battles for better treatment. But most of these youth still attend a school with no out trans teachers on staff. This year during Trans Awareness Week, we’re highlighting the strengths and needs of trans educators.
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Love. Love. Love. Love must be the thud that drives LGBTQIA+ asylum seekers with each step forward. While my newsfeed’s coverage of the migrant caravan has largely featured reports of gross xenophobia and rhetoric, Nove…
I listened… the sound slowly crept into my ear, triggered my reaction, and confusion started to consume my mind. “What’s your name?” the teacher questioned. My heart raced as I tried to search the blankness of my memories and whispered, “My name is Sovandarid Prom.” I was ten when my family and I immigrated from Cambodia – an underprivileged country in Southeast Asia – to the United States with dreams of new life and fresh opportunities. Upon arriving, I met a society that was rooted in more racial bias than I was prepared to confront.